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We send all the difficult parts to Sandray Precision Grinding Inc and get very good results. Everyone there is willing to help and work closely with us on scheduling, processing, and solving any issue that comes up. We couldn't handle the work we do without Sandray.

Toni Murray, Purchasing Manager | Makerite Mfg. Co., Inc.

Hylee F. Kemp, President | Kemp Mfg. Co.

Sandray Precision Grinding Inc has been our very best grinding supplier for these past 10 plus years. Their shop manager Mr. Steve McCaslin is dedicated to quality, delivery, and a "top-notch" person. His response to any issue is immediately responded to and corrected to our satisfaction.


I will highly recommend Sandray Precision Grinding Inc to any customer that needs their services.

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Dennis O'Donnell, Global Procurement Manager | Burgess Norton Mfg.Co.

Over the past several years Burgess Norton and Sandray Precision Grinding Inc have worked together to develop processes for complex grinding of powder metal components. Sandray Precision Grinding Inc's ability and willingness to take on our toughest products have made them one of our best outside operation suppliers. Technical depth and on time delivery have contributed to a strong partnership leading to mutual success for both of our companies.